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To utilize the online reservation system, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Open the Chelsea Reservation System by clicking here

  2. You will be prompted to enter your member number and password. All members have been assigned numbers which they can receive at the pro shop. The default password for all accounts is 1234. You will be prompted to update your member profile and password when you log in for the first time.

  3. When logged into the system, you will be able to request the date and time you wish to play by going to the Request tab on the main navigation bar. Complete the Court Time Info fields and then click the Player Info tab. On the Player Info tab, you will be prompted to enter the member numbers of the residents you will be playing with. The pro shop has a list of member numbers for your reference. If you are playing with a guest, please select Guest in the appropriate fields. When you have completed this form, click submit and you will be given a confirmation number for your request.

  4. Three days prior to play, an email will be sent to all members with a valid email address on file indicating the time you have been scheduled to play. Digital signs at the pro shop will display the court times for each member in last name order for the day of play.


The Chelsea Reservation System uses a lottery to determine which players get assigned to which courts. During peak times, when demand exceeds the number of available courts, the system will assign courts using a point system based on the frequency of play and if you are playing with a guest or member. Reservations can also be made on a first come/first served basis for available courts 3 days before the day of play by going to the Booking tab on the main navigation bar.


On the day of play, all players will need to check in at the pro shop to receive their court assignments.


Tennis Guest Fees

Due to resident feedback, we are temporarily offering free guest play until the end of the year.  Each resident may bring up to 3 guests per day. The resident is responsible for and must accompany the guests at all times. All residents and guests must still check in at the pro shop prior to play and everyone must sign the disclosure form. At the end of the year, the guest fee policy and ratio of residents to guests will be revisited based on court demand and the overall budget. The guest rates for lessons and instruction still apply.

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